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What is your RE?

Todayís leaders want results. They are also busy and have little time outside of meetings and their busy lives to think, focus and energize. At Synergy, we go beyond traditional coaching methods to ensure that leaders arrive at workable, effective solutions that provide them with clarity and focus. And they still have energy for life outside of work!

Thatís why professionals Ė from medical organizations to small business owners to large, established corporations representing a variety of industries - rely on Synergy Consultants Principal, Mary Ann ďSkipperĒ Singerís depth and breadth of experience.

She helps them:

  • be proactive, purposeful and less reactive;
  • gain clarity;
  • feel more in control of their lives;
  • maximize their energy; and
  • develop effective strategies to increase their confidence and leadership capabilities.

But don't take our word for it.

We invite you to explore the following Top 10 Reasons why leaders just like you choose Synergy Consultants:

  1. Synergy is Leadership.

    Our exclusive Executive Mastermind Leadership Forum brings leaders from a variety of industries and fields together to share practical tips and inspire and uplift one another in a way that only those who understand the challenges executives face can do.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the Mastermind experience. It provided me with an opportunity to learn from others, reassess some of my priorities and leadership practices, and step out of my daily routine to think about critical leadership issues in a different way. Mary Ann does a wonderful job facilitating the group, drawing people out and creating a great learning environment."

    — John Hoey, CEO, Y of Central Maryalnd

  2. Synergy is Focus.

    All too often, one of the biggest roadblocks to success can be the inability to clearly define priorities. Drawing on the support and expert guidance of Mary Ann, Synergy clients discover and implement the most effective strategies — and create the optimal balance of priorities — for achieving measurable results.

    "Participating in Mary Annís Executive Mastermind for the past two years has been life changing for me. I have been able to get laser focused on my lifeís purpose and gained clarity around whatís really important in life. Our mastermind group session is probably the most productive two hours of the month due in large part to Mary Annís talents as a facilitator, coach and mentor. Joining her program is well worth the investment."

    — Tracy Imm, Corporate Communications Leader, Notre Dame of Maryland University

  3. Synergy is Team Building.

    For dedicated professionals, nothing is more crucial to accomplishing results than effective communication, designing alliances and generating positivity and productivity on teams. Thatís where Synergy Team Building programs and Advances come in.

    "Mary Ann Singer understood what I wanted to get out of my teamís advance and created an effective agenda with great exercises that had everyone participating. Creating a team agreement, purpose and actions together has been extremely valuable for enhancing team dynamics. We now have a strong base on which to build and increase collaboration. I strongly recommend Mary Ann for her team building and facilitation skills to improve team performance."

    — Malinda B. Small, President, Saint Agnes Hospital Foundation

  4. Synergy is Energy.

    Sometimes the surest way to refuel and rededicate yourself to your profession is to step out of the work environment in search of inspiration. A highly sought-after Keynote Speaker, Mary Ann connects with audiences from a variety of industries offering the tools, techniques and motivation they need to take quantum leaps forward in their professions. She also coaches leaders to be powerful presenters themselves.

    "Thanks to Mary Ann, I NAILED IT! I had more questions than any of the other three presenters for this session. I had people in tears from at least eight different countriesÖeven the moderator!

    She gave me license to do just what she mentioned. I looked at them directly and let my passion and enthusiasm show."

    — Kent Holloway, CEO, Lifeline of Ohio

  5. Synergy is One-on-One.

    For those who prefer a more intimate environment, Mary Ann creates customized coaching sessions designed to help each client better understand his or her leadership style and the role it plays in the overall success of the organization or business.

    “I appreciate the support Mary Ann has provided to both our residents and faculty. We have all benefited from the collaboration and her coaching skills. She has made a significant impact on all of our lives.”

    — Lisa David, M.D., Professor and Residency Program Director, Wake Forest University

  6. Synergy is Empowerment.

    A large part of a companyís success hinges on the professionalism, dedication and boldness of its team. Thatís why we provide training and coaching that empowers leaders to be confident, make decisions and act with courage.

    “The development of a talented, collaborative management team is one of the primary responsibilities of a healthcare CEO. During my thirteen-year tenure as CEO of Union Hospital, I have consulted with Mary Ann Singer to assess and coach several members of my executive team.

    Mary Ann is an outstanding coach. She establishes trust and rapport with her clients and helps them identify and actualize improvement opportunities. She works well with both novice and experienced executives. I have seen significant improvements in the effectiveness and job satisfaction of our executives who have worked with her."

    — Kenneth S. Lewis, M.D., J.D., Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Union Hospital

  7. Synergy is Current.

    When it comes to business and the medical community, nothing can be more challenging than keeping a finger on the pulse of ever-changing environments, processes and standards of an industry. Synergy Consultants works with corporate leaders and medical professionals to rethink and recalibrate so they can keep their focus where it should be.

    "I have a group of very high performing executives. With the many challenges facing healthcare today, I needed someone to help us to come together quickly as a team that respects each otherís capabilities, can support one another as needed and, most importantly, understand each otherís strengths and areas for improvement so we can carry each otherís ďload.Ē Mary Ann was recommended to me by the President of my Foundation and by my prior Board Chair. Amazingly, in a two-day retreat, we were able to meet most of my expectations and created simple tools that now guide our interactions. We were successful because Mary Ann did a lot of pre-retreat work, understood my goals and was so prepared for the meetings that everything ran like clockwork. She is exceptional at her trade!”

    — Bonnie Phipps, Senior Vice President, Ascension Health / Group Ministry Operating Executive

  8. Synergy is Clarity.

    Knowing what is important to you and where you're headed in your career is the first step toward actually getting there. Synergy’s strategy and visioning sessions give participants the freedom to dream as big as they dare and the practical guidance they need to make those dreams a reality.

    “Mary Ann guided me through a process that opened my eyes to the impact of personal needs on my long-term and short-term success. When I make the time to know and meet these basic personal needs, I am then able to be the leader that will benefit our organization. I gain clarity on both personal and professional direction."

    — Stan W. Stokes, President, KC South LLC

  9. Synergy is Peace of Mind.

    From focus, clarity and vision comes peace of mind and a more balanced life. Synergy offers clients a variety of interactive workshops and personalized coaching programs designed to help leaders from any industry fashion customized plans for themselves and their teams to generate successful, effective and fulfilled lives.

    "Mary Ann is a great executive coach. Her unique gifts and excellent skillset in coaching allows her to get beneath the surface and identify the true needs of her high achieving clients thus making them even more effective and successful than they currently are. Her passion for sharing, ability to listen to and connect deeply with her clients while remaining objective is truly a gift. She is extraordinary in helping high achieving individuals focus on what really matters in their lives thus assisting them in achieving even more at work and in life in general. She brings great insight and excitement to every encounter. It was an honor and privilege to work with her."

    — Charles E. Sanders, Jr., MD, FACP, Vice President Medical Education & Resarch, Mount Carmel Health System

  10. Synergy is Success.

    Expansion — building strength on strength, success upon success — is the hallmark of leadership. That's why many of Synergy Consultants' clients come back to us, year after year, to learn how they can continue to motivate and inspire their teams, improve processes and productivity and achieve even greater balance in their work and personal lives.

    "Working with Mary Ann has been one of the best investments in my career. Her success at helping me achieve my goals demonstrates her strong capabilities as a coach and mentor."

    — Anne London, Financial Advisor, AXA Advisors

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