Individual Coaching: Cultivating successful leaders


For more than a decade, we’ve been helping professionals to cultivate their leadership skills and excel in both business and life. So we know just how important it is for you to have a trusted sounding board — as well as a structured opportunity to re-think, re-focus, re-prioritize and reflect on whatever it is you’re facing. With one-on-one coaching, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll receive expert support that will enable you to get to the heart of the matter and take effective action.

Executives, rising leaders and entrepreneurs from all industries trust Synergy Consultants to help them:

  • Develop a clear vision
  • Create strong teams
  • Increase collaborative relationships
  • Recognize their choices, feel in control of their life, and experience greater energy and productivity
  • Create an action plan to balance work and home life
  • Increase confidence and leadership capabilities

...and much more. Contact us today to begin achieving greater balance and collaboration in your life through Individual Coaching with Synergy Consultants.


Synergy Consultants, LLC provides individual coaching to executives, team leaders and small business owners, as well as individuals in transition and professionals experiencing a feeling of overwhelm.

Why Coaching?

Clients engage in Individual Coaching to:

  • discuss and strategize on business issues
  • increase personal productivity, focus and effectiveness
  • advance careers
  • navigate professional transition
  • achieve excellence at job performance
  • create a strong team
  • obtain objective and confidential feedback about management style, behavior and performance


Mary Ann works with individuals to co-create and customize a coaching program based on specific needs and tailored to desired outcomes. Through targeted questions and skillful listening she is able to quickly focus clients on the most essential aspects of their situation and develop a personal action plan to produce sustainable, lasting results.

Her process begins with a 30-minute, no-obligation introductory conversation exploring her client's issues and challenges, answering questions, offering a sense of who she is and how she works. Based on expressed goals and objectives, Mary Ann will suggest the most effective way to collaborate and move forward to develop strategies addressing obstacles to personal success.

Coaching Programs

Six to Twelve-Month Executive Leadership Program

This intensive program targets senior-level and emerging leaders. It incorporates self-discovery, self-assessment, vision-setting and organizational diagnosis. Leaders gain a thorough understanding of their impact on both the team and organization through the use of the 360-degree and DiSC behavioral assessments. Participants will gain tools to increase their effectiveness in all aspects of leadership.

One-on-One Individual Business Coaching

This program focuses on both personal and professional individual development by creating a personal strategic plan. Mary Ann works with her client to develop customized strategies to eliminate obstacles and move toward the participant’s goals. Topics can range from increasing personal productivity and effectiveness to career transition or advancement.


360 Degree Assessment gathers feedback from colleagues at many levels within an organization and provides valid feedback about how the client is perceived by others. This process helps the client to increase self awareness and understand his/her impact on others. It targets gaps and creates a focus for coaching.

DiSC Behavior Assessment is a widely-used, extensively validated, self-administered questionnaire used to generate an individualized and specific profile based on one’s behaviors. When used in conjunction with coaching, the DiSC assessment highlights the client's impact on others and areas where the client may be out of alignment with his/her environment. The DiSC assessment helps to create an action plan for improving communication, increasing employee performance and job satisfaction, hiring, and developing overall organizational effectiveness. As a coaching tool, this assessment provides a blueprint for leadership success.

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) focuses on motivational styles when things are going well. It also reveals a person’s conflict styles, strengths and overdone strengths in order to help professionals gain a better understanding of the “why” behind their behaviors. Ultimately, developing stronger self-awareness increases an individual’s effectiveness and helps them to be more successful in their roles.

PIAV – Personal Interest Attitude Values Assessment answers the “why” regarding behavior and helps clients understand the beliefs behind their decisions. This is often a critical first-step in the individual coaching process and helps to clarify the client's core values as a foundation for ongoing work.

Role Behavioral Assessment assists managers in developing and defining the qualities and behaviors desired of a specific role within the organization. These tools can be used to determine how well a candidate fits into that role and supports team development.

Other Assessments provide clients with the opportunity to generate greater self-awareness and develop action plans to succeed. Topics include time mastery and personal productivity, listening, team expectations, and sales communication. Clients measure themselves against criteria developed to aid in setting priorities and goals, thereby focusing on the areas necessary to succeed and be fulfilled.

The Manchester Group studied 100 executives from the Fortune 1000 and found that coaching dramatically improves working relationships between supervisors, direct reports, and their respective teams. The group also found that coaching provides a:

  • 5:1 return on investment
  • 53% improvement in productivity in executives
  • 48% improvement in performance quality from executives

Contact us today to find out how Synergy Consultants can help you break through barriers, develop incomparable leadership skills, and develop stronger, more rewarding working relationships.