3 Lessons Learned from Moving

3 Lessons Learned from MovingAs I prepare to go back to New Orleans
this week for my ReStart program,
I think about the last time I was home
four months ago in June.

My sisters and I packed up my parents
and many of their belongings and
headed to Charleston, SC to their new home.

I re-learned three lessons
during our moving adventure
that got us through the experience.
They can apply to all aspects of our lives,
whether we’re moving, staying stationary or
revving up for a new project.

  1. Listen
    The same letters of the word SILENT
    appear in LISTEN.
    Listen to what is important to the other person.
    Listen to what is not being said.
    Listen to the other’s needs.

  2. Sorting lipsticks at the kitchen tableLaugh
    During stressful times especially,
    laughter eases tension.
    It shifts our perspective.
    It brings joy and playfulness.
    We can create fun
    when we aren’t taking ourselves so seriously.
    My sisters and I had belly laughs
    as we helped my mom try on clothes
    and clean out her closet.
    We even made sorting lipsticks
    at the kitchen table playful.
    (Check out the video.)

  3. Let go
    This can be a tough one because
    we like to be in control,
    we like to be right and
    we get attached to things that we think define us
    or no longer serve us.

    In addition to letting go of possessions,
    I learned to let go of expectations and shift.
    The speed at which we moved
    was much slower than I anticipated.
    (The movers were there until 10pm.)

    In addition, everyone’s emotional pace was different.
    Some of us were mentally already there
    while others were focused on the past.
    (Does this sound familiar when you’re
    implementing change in your organization?)

    Despite the challenges,
    there is a freedom that comes with letting go.

My folks have settled into their new home.
And while we are all adjusting,
I am continuing to listen, laugh and let go.

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