Are You BRAVING?We all know common words
can become verbs in our everyday lexicon.
Think “googling,” “faxing,” “kondoing”
(named for Marie Kondo’s tidying up philosophy).

Have you heard of BRAVING?

Noted author, speaker and teacher, Brené Brown,
created this acronym to help
people build trust in relationships.
I love that we can apply this to work or home.

Boundaries – How clear are you about setting and respecting
                      each other’s boundaries?

Reliability – Do you do what you say you will?

Accountability – Will you own your mistakes?

Vault – Do you keep confidences when others share?

Integrity – Do you walk the talk and actually practice your values
                rather than give them lip service?

Non-judgment – Can you be yourself or share your true feelings
                          in front of others without being judged?
                          Do you refrain from judging yourself when you need support?

Generosity – Can you assume generosity of intent and spirit about others
                     and their behavior and maintain a positive perspective?

It takes courage to be brave and start braving.
After all, it requires being open, vulnerable
and willing to take small steps to shift.
And while you may not receive a purple heart for your actions,
your stronger relationships will be the reward.

Soon you may find yourself raving about braving.
Who knows, it may be added to our vocabulary 
if enough of us start doing it!!

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