Leadership Tip

Thoughts on Growth

Ten days ago
I planted some paper white bulbs.
One morning I came downstairs
and their green shoots were sprouting upward.
I had been watering them
and opening the blinds daily
to give them light.

It has been a thrill
to see them grow daily.
Soon they will bloom
with pretty white fragrant flowers.

As leaders we grow our people.
It is up to us to find out and create
the environment that will support them.
Do people need more encouragement, training,
accountability or fun?
If you don’t know, ask them.

It is our role to water them
and provide light so they can bloom.
The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
It is green where you water it.

In this busy holiday time
I encourage you to also take time to
water and nurture yourself
so you may continue to grow.