Leadership Tip

Stop, Look and Listen for the Perfect Gift!

Recently I saw a bank billboard that said,
“We’re listeners, not tellers.”
George W. Bush also went on a listening tour
last week to hear perspectives on Iraq.

Listening is the most important gift
we can give someone this holiday.
It won’t cost you money, but you will
have to spend your time.
You won’t have to wait in lines or get stuck
in traffic jams to find it.

It will require you to be present, to hold back
interrupting and to hear what is said and not said.
(Did you get that?)

Listening is a gift that will keep on giving.
Others will feel valued, connected and respected.
You will build a rapport and relationship that is priceless.

So this holiday, stop searching
for the perfect gift. You already have
the ability to give it.