Leadership Tip

Losing Weight

Many people make a resolution
to lose weight in the new year.
What if we all needed to go on a diet?

We all carry excess baggage.
We carry guilt, envy, insecurity,
anger, jealousy and you can fill
in the blank ________.

These emotions weigh us down
and can stop us from moving forward.
Just like carrying too many pounds,
we cannot experience our full energy,
movement or potential.

What emotion weighs the most?
What do you need to do
to let go of any of these feelings?
Choose one and tell someone
what you are shedding.
Talk with others about how to do it.
Check in with them weekly.
Accountability and support work.
It is why Weight Watchers is so popular.

So even though you may not choose to lose pounds,
by shedding an emotion that does not serve you,
you will lose weight.