Leadership Tip

A New Year, A New Decade

It seems like yesterday
when we were worried
if our computers would work or
if airplanes would fly on 01/01/00.

Here we are at the end of another
decade and the start of another.
Many people are ready to
see 2009 draw to a close.

Like the first day of school
when we start with a clean notebook,
we start the calendar year
with that same sense of
excitement, anticipation and possibility.

In school we had final exams
to test what we had learned.
As adults we have no such review.
I ask that you take at least 15 minutes
(school exams were longer)
and write down what you have
learned over the past year.

Clarifying these lessons will
help you to intentionally craft
the coming year and decade.
Let your experience
become your wisdom.

Life will give you many tests,
use these lessons
as your study guide.

All the best for a
joyous and fulfilling new year!