Leadership Tip

Lessons from Wolverine

I recently saw the action star, Hugh Jackman,
who played Wolverine in the X Man series,
perform a one man song and dance
show on Broadway.
He was amazing!

In addition to being incredibly talented
(and good looking too),
he was personable and energetic.
As he told his life story
he was funny, authentic and revealed
what was important to him.

He connected with his audience
from the beginning through the end.
He interacted with his dancers, band
and audience members in both
the orchestra and mezzanine.
We felt like he was talking and performing
to us personally.

During the show I realized how Jackman’s ability
to connect was a form of leadership.
Leading occurs in any situation.
Connection increases its effectiveness.

Jackman did this in three ways:

  1. He reached out to all levels of the theatre
    and included them in the conversation.
  2. He stepped into others’ shoes.
    Jackman did this literally by walking
    into the audience, talking with us
    and trying on a man’s jacket.
  3. He told stories. Stories engage others.
    They create rapport.

As leaders people are always watching our performance.
When we connect with our various audiences
and teammates we are more effective and fulfilled.

Happy Holidays! May you connect with what brings joy to you and others!