Leadership Tip

A New Year’s Wish

Have: What new experiences and adventures do you want to have this year?
Accomplish: When you look back a year from now, what do you want to have
Perspective: How can you keep a healthy viewpoint when things start swirling around
Powerful: How will you be more influential? What will give you more coincidence? How
can you show up fully?
Yes: Say yes! Be open to new opportunities, people and experiences

Now: What will make a difference in your life now?
Exercise: It will increase your physical, mental and emotional well being
Willpower: You many need to say no to something in order to say yes to what you
really want

Your support team: Who will champion you and give you perspective?
Enthusiasm: What are you passionate about? Make sure you get to express it!
Attitude: Your attitude will determine your success. Stay positive!
Relax: Take time to unwind. With your fast-paced life, you’ll need to recharge your

Happy 2013!