Leadership Tip

How Can Using Adjectives Help You Achieve Your Resolutions?

As we focus on the upcoming New Year
many of us are setting goals
and making resolutions.
Unfortunately, often we give up on them
by the end of January or mid-February.

In order to help accomplish our goals,
Martha Beck, a life coach,
suggests focusing on adjectives
rather than nouns and verbs.

When we are clear on the impact we seek
and the feelings it will generate,
options and pathways appear.
We are more likely to obtain our result.

For example, a common goal is
“I want to lose 10 pounds.”
With lose as the verb and pounds
as the noun, the goal is very specific.

To focus on adjectives
write down three feelings
you will have when you achieve the goal.
Ask yourself, “Why do I want to lose 10 pounds?”
The answer might be
to feel healthy, confident and energetic.

Knowing that, there may be
additional paths to create these results.
Think about how else you
can generate these feelings.
For example, going to bed earlier,
limiting desserts or taking
a public speaking class may also
create these adjectives.

Focusing on the feelings behind
the actions will help to motivate you,
create several ways to achieve the goal
and sustain it.

Then you can add successful
to your list of adjectives!

Wishing you joy, health and peace
in the coming year!