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A Tribute to an American Hero

A Tribute to an American HeroJohn Glenn, the first man to orbit earth,
died last week.
He was an American hero.
He was courageous, committed to service,
humble and a truly caring individual.

I had the privilege
to meet him and his charming wife, Annie,
when I lived in Columbus.
For a man who spent much of his life in space,
I was struck by how down to earth he was.

Courage is not reserved for national heroes.
Many of us exhibit it on a daily basis.

It takes courage to:

  • go down a path yet explored
  • have a difficult conversation
  • speak up when others won’t

When you start to think of the qualities in a hero, think:

Overcomes obstacles

Goodbye, John Glenn.
You were an inspiration, and we will miss you on earth.