Leadership Tip

What Did You Ship Today?

What Did You Ship Today?At this time of year,
most of us are sending and receiving packages.
Fed Ex, UPS and the post office
are working overtime to ensure timely deliveries.

While shipping is a priority
during the holidays,
it should be all year long
if we want to be effective.
You may not realize it, but
we are all in the shipping business daily.

Seth Godin a marketing genius,
asks a powerful question,
“What did you ship today?”

Moving things off of our plates
is a challenge for many of us.
We have trouble completing projects,
executing our commitments timely
or wrapping up details.

When we view ourselves as a delivery service,
we focus on shipping our packages
timely to the correct recipient.
This perspective can eliminate procrastination
and move you to action.

Ask yourself daily, “What did I ship today?”
Doing so will ensure that your “gifts”
get completed and delivered on time.
You may even become Amazon Prime’s next competitor!

Happy Holidays!