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Going Postal

Going Postal

Photo Credit: Yelp.com

During the holiday season we all
have commitments, gatherings and activities
that do less than excite us.

And one of mine is going to the post office.
Last week I was dreading the experience
as the lines are usually extremely long
and there is limited counter help.

It was my low grade anxiety
that helped me redesign this opportunity.
I did three things which turned everything around and diminished the dread.

Here’s what worked for me and feel free to borrow these strategies:

  1. Proactively plan
    I chose to go at a time of day when it would be less crowded.
  2. Influence your environment
    I put in my earbuds as I walked there and listened to an inspiring podcast
    by one of my favorite authors. He accompanied me in the line too,
    thus making time go by quickly. I didn’t want to turn him off
    when my turn came!
  3. Create your mindset
    I focused on the whole reason for going vs. the process.
    Thinking about the outcome was motivating.
    I focused on my joy of giving and the recipients’ joy
    and surprise at receiving. Keeping this perspective
    made me happy and not frustrated.

I came away feeling uplifted and energized by the experience.
These are not two words I would
have put in the same sentence
with holiday post office visit.

During this season especially, and at other times
when you are feeling dread or unexcited anticipation,
I encourage you to shift your perspective.
Proactively plan, influence your environment when possible,
focus on your mindset and chose your desired outcome.

You’ll create holiday magic!!