Leadership Tip

Does Your Physical Environment Support You?

This morning I awoke
to clean, clutter free closets.
It was like a breath of fresh air
when I opened them.

Over the weekend I cleaned out and organized
my closets after they underwent
a professional makeover on Friday.

It was liberating to let go
of things that no longer fit me or my lifestyle.
As the process unfolded it became easier
to discard items. There was a sense of order.
I even found a few items that I had forgotten about
because I couldn’t see them before.

Our physical environment can either
support us or stifle us.
When our desks are clear, inboxes are manageable,
piles are filed and we can find things, we are much more likely
to be effective, productive and creative.
There is a flow and energy
that white space and clear surfaces evoke.
Clutter and confusion do not weight us down.

I challenge you to create a
physical environment that supports you.
This week take 15 minutes each day
to clear your piles, throw away those unread papers
and let go or sort that stack of business cards
you intend to file one day.

By creating order externally
your internal self will flourish.
Your momentum, energy and joy will surface and grow!