Leadership Tip

Does Your Communication Frustrate You?

Last week I had to have a difficult conversation
with someone I knew would be disappointed
by its outcome.

I avoided the conversation
for a while because I wasn’t sure exactly what to say.
It was taking my energy and
I was getting stressed.

When I called
I was direct, honest and compassionate.
The conversation was brief and
I felt complete and energized when it was over.
The other party appreciated my candor.

How often do you avoid
what you need to say or
beat around the bush,
leaving the message unclear?
Do you then stay frustrated because
the situation isn’t resolved?

Ask yourself, “What am I avoiding?
Is my message clear and straightforward?
Does the other party really get it?”
If you are truly honest about these answers
you’ll have more honest and direct communication.

Your energy will increase
and your frustration with unresolved issues will decrease.