Leadership Tip

What Creates a Team?

How quickly can you create a team?
It doesn’t have to take days, weeks, months or even years.
I witnessed teams bonding instantly
in a shoot out last night.
This occurred on a golf course – not in the streets.

A shoot out is an event where
you and a partner compete with other pairs
to make it through three holes of play.
Each player alternates shots.
At the end of each hole the highest scores
are eliminated until there is a winning team
with the lowest score. The competition heats up
when a put off is required to break a tie.

What created such an instantaneous bond
among women who had never met before?
Having a common goal, being enthusiastic and supportive,
trusting your partner, forgiving when a mistake happens
and having fun.

These combined ingredients created camaraderie
even under pressure and competition.
If they can work for strangers, imagine what they could
do for your team!