Leadership Tip

Thoughts on Power

My family evacuated from New Orleans
yesterday to escape the hurricane.
It’s a category 5 storm
with winds up to 175 mph.

Nature’s force is powerful and uncontrollable.
Trees will be knocked down.
Houses destroyed. Electricity will be lost.
People will feel the devastation
for months and possibly years.

How do you handle your power?
Does your presence have a positive or negative
effect on others?
Do people feel devastated after you’ve left a meeting?
Do your actions or tone
linger for minutes or days?

By recognizing the impact
we have on others, we unlike Mother Nature,
can choose what kind of mark we want to make.
We can control our actions to serve the situation.

More Thoughts on Power
by Shar McBee, author of The Joy of Leadership
When we feel we don’t have power, we are modest and humble
which leads to power.
When we have power, we luxuriate in self-confidence
which leads to loss of power.
Power is like fire. Use it carefully or you’ll lose it.