Leadership Tip

New Food for Thought

How open are you
to new ideas or different perspectives?

Last week at a Best of Baltimore party
I had the opportunity to experience
a Chubby’s Grill fried Oreo.
I say experience and not taste
because it truly was an experience!

I don’t eat fried foods.
I don’t eat Oreos
unless they are mixed in vanilla ice cream.
So what would possess me to
try this concoction?

The people in line ahead of me raved;
Baltimore Magazine deemed it a “Best of.”
I thought there might be something to it.
What did I have to lose?

As a leader, how set
in your beliefs are you?
Are you open to new viewpoints
even when you don’t know
if you’ll like the results?
Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Who would have thought
a Chubby Grill’s fried Oreo
could provide such food for thought?