What Do Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day Have in Common?

What Do Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day Have in Common?This is a big week for celebrations!
Today is Mardi Gras Day
when New Orleanians and Mobile residents
indulge their passion for festivities and food before Lent begins.
Wednesday we celebrate Valentine’s Day
to recognize our passion for love.

Often we don’t celebrate enough.
We run so hard and fast
that we neglect to take time
and acknowledge when good things happen.

A client recently told me
after a big accomplishment
that he didn’t want to celebrate yet
because the project wasn’t over and
it wasn’t a complete win.

How often do we miss milestones along the way,
waiting for full completion?
These overlooked opportunities could be
occasions to cheer.
They can keep you and your team energized and motivated.

As you watch the Olympics,
notice how the announcers acknowledge movements
during the athlete’s program along the way rather than
wait until the end to see if the athlete lands
on the medal platform.

Think about what and how you celebrate.

  1. Did you do better today than yesterday?
  2. Did you move the needle on a project you’ve been procrastinating?
  3. Did you have that difficult conversation?

All of these actions are worthy of celebrating.
And while you may not have a parade or
cupid singing a telegram in front of you,
I encourage you to slow down, step back
and give yourself an opportunity to revel in your accomplishment.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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