Programs Especially For the Medical Community


Synergy Consultants has successfully helped the medical community navigate the ever-changing and challenging environment.

We have worked with medical professionals (including physicians, nurses, administrators and other support staff) at The Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center and St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Some of the challenges we have helped addressed include:

  • Providing outstanding patient care while needing to handle high volume
  • Balancing personal and professional demands
  • Meeting the economic challenges in today’s environment
  • Creating collaborative relationships
  • Preventing individual and team burn out

Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by the medical community makes us a preferred provider for team building workshops, one-on-one coaching, strategy and visioning sessions, customer service training and leadership development programs for some of the country's most prestigious institutions. We have successfully worked with various levels and functional areas of these organizations to cope with the increasing demands and rapid changes they face. Our knowledge and understanding of specific issues in this sector combined with our strong ability to listen have enabled us to become a leading service partner.

We can deliver one of our existing workshops or work with you to custom design a program that meets your specific needs.

Some of our service offerings include:

  • Team Building/Designing Alliances
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Leading Strategy & Visioning Sessions
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Customer Service Training
  • Group Program Facilitation

We are available to discuss your needs and custom design a program that fits your budget and schedule.

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“Coaching with Mary Ann is an eye-opening and valuable experience. Feedback — both from different assessment tools and directly from her — in combination with developing new relationship skills, has changed transformed how my team and I work. Since we started working coaching, I am more proactive, feel less stressed and more energized, and I also have more balance in my life. since we started working together. I have greater clarity and focus on priorities, as well as our team's vision. My team is more engaged and we are moving our initiatives forward. This has been a unique educational opportunity and, more importantly, a worthwhile investment!”

Gary Hayes, MD
Former Dept Chairman
of Anesthesiology,
St. Louis University Medical Center