Leadership Development Programs


We can partner with you and your leadership team to customize a leadership development program for your organization, based on your needs.

We work with leadership teams and individual leaders to help them better understand their impact on the organization. Using a variety of assessment tools, leaders begin to recognize how their style and demeanor affect their team and how to adjust behaviors based on the situation. We coach leaders on how to influence and affect positive change; have difficult conversations with their direct reports, their colleagues and external stakeholders; develop new perspectives; increase collaboration; and inspire those around them to perform at their highest level.


“Physician and department leaders in academic medicine are often selected for their prior medical or technical expertise, without regard for prior leadership training or experience. We have found Synergy Consultants, LLC and its leader, Mary Ann Masur, to bring an extremely useful “real world” perspective to leadership development in our academic settings. I personally have experience with Ms. Masur’s work in two major academic centers and have found her to facilitate the development of and affection for organizational leadership in a large number of faculty and staff. Many of those involved have shared with me that the time spent in this leadership and organizational development to be the most useful work they have done in many years. This work has also been accomplished with the necessary privacy and confidentiality important to these talented individuals.”

David L. Brown, M.D. Chairman, Institute of Anesthesiology,
Cleveland Clinic

"I walk around with a smile more than I ever had. I feel like I can even take more on, especially at home. I can't believe I have found more time to do more. I have this new energy that I haven't felt in a long time. I don't feel overwhelmed. I guess I'm enjoying life. My leadership has grown- I am more direct, I ask for what I want, and I feel more connected with my staff."

Rosemary McCullar, Operations Manager, Anesthesia Assessment Center,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center