One-on-One Coaching


Using a proven methodology and standardized assessment tools, we customize our one-on-one coaching sessions to address the unique needs of each individual and achieve the business objectives of the client organization.

We have coached medical doctors, hospital administrators and practice executives on a one-on-one basis to help them to be the best they can be. We use assessment tools to help our clients gain clarity and understand their leadership style and how it impacts their team’s ability to get results. Following a systems based approach, we have seen positive impacts on participants’ relationships and quality of life with our model. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they now are setting boundaries and finding time for themselves and thus, providing better medical attention to others. They also have stronger and more collaborative relationships with colleagues. We provide on-going support both during and after our engagement and have found our clients appreciate our attention to the details.


"The development of a talented, collaborative management team is one of the primary responsibilities of a healthcare CEO. During my thirteen year tenure as CEO of Union Hospital, I have consulted with Mary Ann Singer to assess and coach several members of my executive team.

Mary Ann is an outstanding coach. She establishes trust and rapport with her clients and helps them identify and actualize improvement opportunities. She works well with both novice and experienced executives. I have seen significant improvements in the effectiveness and job satisfaction of our executives who have worked with her.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide additional information about our work with Mary Ann."

Kenneth S. Lewis, M.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer,
Union Hospital

"I appreciate the support you have provided to both our residents and faculty. We have all benefited from the collaboration and your coaching skills. You have made a significant impact on all of our lives."

Lisa David, M.D., Professor and Residency Program Director,
Wake Forest University

"I wanted to let you know I still feel great. I feel so much more in control of myself (and my reactions), and I really am at a much better place. Thank you so much for your help!"

Amy Null, Administrator,
Mt. Carmel West

"You've inspired me to be a better person, enjoy life, and accept things for what or who they are. Thank you for teaching me to be more open-minded, accepting things for what they are and most of all teaching me skills on how to better communicate and ask for what I need. You're an outstanding teacher, leader, mentor. I will never be the same and am eternally grateful for you."

Rosemary McCullar, Operations Manager, Anesthesia Assessment Center,
MD Anderson Cancer Center