Strategy & Visioning Sessions


We coach executive teams as they formalize strategy and shape the vision for their organization.

Our understanding of the dynamics and issues associated with patient care, both on the clinical and administrative level, allows us to effectively develop these strategies. Recognizing that people are being asked to do more with less and that workplace demographics are shifting, we facilitate discussions that lead to strategy and vision documents that can be operationalized by the entire team.


“Before our team advance facilitated by Mary Ann, we experienced a reasonable degree of dysfunction (and negativity) among our team. We all accepted this as the realities of working in a complex organization and busy department. Through fun and engaging activities, Mary Ann helped us to work through problem solving, recognize team toxins, and gain an understanding of each others "land". This eye-opening session put our team on the track to productivity, positivity, accountability and open, honest communication. Mary Ann is engaging, energetic, positive, and quite knowledgeable. Her expertise and gift of leadership coaching, put our department on the road to greatness!”

Marian LeDieux, Nurse Manager, Anesthesia Assessment and Pain Management Clinic,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center