Team Building / Designing Alliances


We can work with you and your team to custom design a team building/designing alliances program that meets your needs.

We recognize that an effective medical team is vital to high quality patient care. We work with medical teams to create alignment around shared goals and outcomes related to patient service. We teach people how to clearly define roles and expectations, hold each other more accountable, respect generational differences, run more engaging meetings, develop cross-departmental collaboration and maintain positivity in the workplace.


"I have a group of very high performing executives who have had great experiences and successes in this and, for a few, a different organization. With the many challenges facing healthcare today, I needed someone to help us to come together quickly as a team that respects each other’s capabilities, can support one another as needed and, most importantly, understand each other’s strengths and areas for improvement so we can carry each other’s “load”. Mary Ann was recommended to me by the President of my Foundation and by my prior Board Chair. Amazingly, in a two day retreat, we were able to meet most of my expectations and even created simple tools that now guide our interactions. We were successful because Mary Ann did a lot of pre-retreat work, understood my goals and was so prepared for the meetings that everything ran like clockwork. She is exceptional at her trade!"

- Bonnie Phipps, CEO,
Saint Agnes Hospital

"You were brought in at a time of critical unrest and helped our team to come together and work toward a common vision. Our current success is a credit to your talent and persistence."

- Allen W. Burton, M.D., Professor and Section Chief, Pain Management,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Our departmental 'take-aways' from the Team Advance/Session(s) with Mary Ann and Synergy Consultants are intangible and priceless. Our team was introduced to tools and methods which are vital to team success, regardless of industry and setting.

Our Departmental Team Advance, designed and organized by Mary Ann, was not only inspirational and beneficial, but helped transform the mentality and approach of the team as a whole. The investment was well worth it and we continue to reap the benefits of better interpersonal interactions. Our team is now stronger and more in tune with how to respond to the stimuli that naturally occurs in a dynamic institution like ours."

- Marian LeDieux, Nurse Manager, Anesthesia Assessment and Pain Management Clinic,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center