Synergy's Philosophy


As principal of Synergy Consultants, LLC, Mary Ann is the firm's chief philosopher and client engagement partner. She describes this viewpoint in her own words:

My commitment to business coaching is inspired by a deep personal philosophy to live life out of desire, not fear. My passion for helping others transform themselves — beyond the busyness and overwhelm of everyday life — grew after a close friend suffered a near death experience. This event served as a lesson and has helped to form my perspective on life. Life is to be lived. Show up. Splash the canvas. Be colorful.

I pursued my work as a business coach because I believe it is the most powerful way to help others live fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally. My life experience and training have given me the skills and wisdom to help you increase your self-awareness and turn it into action.

Working together, we clarify your priorities, innovate your thinking from new perspectives, and implement actions powerfully. You eliminate the obstacles that have stopped you in the past and that get in the way of your expressed goals and objectives, making focus and fulfillment possible.

As a corporate professional and community volunteer I have a seasoned, first-hand understanding of the challenges that individuals, businesses and organizations must navigate. Together we will chart a course and you will gain confidence and see yourself as a curious explorer discovering new possibilities.

“Life is a great big canvas,
throw all the paint
on it you can.”

— Danny Kaye