Team Coaching: Positivity. Productivity. Performance.

Hallmarks of effective teams include collaboration, communication, cooperation and innovation. But too often in today’s fast-paced world, teams get stretched — and stressed — to the max. When that happens, both performance and focus suffer.

Synergy Consultants is the solution.

Using a proven and effective approach that includes workshops, tools, assessments and exercises, Synergy Consultants’ Team Coaching will help your team to foster the kind of environment that leads to increased employee engagement and on-the-job productivity.

Our programs are ideal for teams facing change or conflict, newly formed teams, and those that are experiencing:

  • A desire to improve employee morale, productivity or engagement
  • A renewed emphasis on communication, leadership or performance
  • Discord among a team or department — or between teams who need to work together
  • A change in corporate philosophy, mission or leadership
  • The effects of a merger, acquisition, downsizing or change in ownership

Begin to harness the power of communication and collaboration within your organization today with Synergy Consultants’ Team Coaching. Contact us now to get started.

An independent study by Triad shows that people and performance are
positively changed by using a coaching process. Top performers tend to
remain in their jobs, positive work environments are created, and
revenue increases as individuals exceed their goals.


Synergy Consultants provides team coaching to corporations, small businesses, non-profits, healthcare facilities, schools and organizations committed to optimizing employee performance and making necessary changes to achieve desired outcomes.

Why Coaching?

Organizations engage in Team Coaching because of:

  • mergers or downsizing
  • a change in corporate philosophy or leadership
  • a desire to improve employee morale and productivity
  • a goal to improve organizational communication
  • a commitment to leadership development and growth
  • the presence of conflict or change
  • new teams being formed or teams evolving


Mary Ann works with teams to co-create and customize a coaching program to meet the unique challenges of businesses and non-profit organizations. She skillfully uses a variety of proven methods and tools to improve the ability of management to trust, take intelligent risks and enjoy the freedom to innovate.

With the goal of developing strong teams Mary Ann uses assessments, tools and exercises to:

  • increase team positivity and productivity
  • grow individual leadership skills among team members
  • create team agreements for working together as a system


Mary Ann is pleased to customize programs to meet the unique challenges facing businesses and organizations.

Team Assessments

Leadership Culture Survey measures both the current and desired leadership characteristics of the team and organization as a whole. This is an excellent tool for assessing the team’s perspective.

Team Diagnostic measures productivity and positivity of a team. It also measures how a team perceives itself based on 14 characteristics which impact results. Coaching focuses on leveraging the team strengths to close the gaps.

360 Degree Assessment gathers feedback from colleagues at various levels within an organization and provides valid feedback about how team members are perceived by others. This process helps target gaps and creates a focus for coaching.

DiSC Assessment-Individual and Team Culture Reports allow team members to understand each others’ behavioral styles. Coaching focuses on the impact that team members have on each other and the overall team. It also increases understanding and cooperation on team expectations and behaviors.

The team culture report reflects the culture that emerges based on members’ styles.

Team Coaching with Synergy Consultants is ideal for those organizations that seek to:

  • Cultivate leadership skills within each individual team member
  • Feel confident and secure in taking intelligent risks and being free to innovate
  • Work together as one system
  • Increase positivity, productivity and performance