Testimonials — Individual and Team Coaching


“Jess and I began working with Mary Ann because I had never worked with an executive assistant and Jess had never been an executive assistant. And frankly, we were play acting at working as a team. I was not investing in the relationship which was really frustrating for Jess who just wanted to be successful in the role and make a difference for me in my daily work life. It could have been very easy for me to half-heartedly work with Jess and eventually just gone back to my old ways without really changing anything in my system and probably damaging Jess’s feelings about the position. Mary Ann actually helped us create a foundation based on relationship! The systems part has come naturally. WE have found that now that we are invested in each other’s success we can accomplish the work product easily!”

— Angela Petro, CEO Two Caterers

“Thank you Mary Ann as you have taught me and my team so much. We are using so much of what you have taught us. I could have never done this without you!!”

— Tina Urquhart, President, Charm City Concierge

“After coaching with Mary Ann “Skipper,” Kris has increased her effectiveness as a leader. She has developed powerful communication skills and is able to navigate conflict with greater awareness, confidence and ease. She has developed a strong team that is collaborative and is getting positive results with our clients. She has been promoted during the course of her coaching and is a well-respected member of our team.”

— Jeffrey Lee Cohen, President, BECO Management, Inc.

“My coaching experience with Mary Ann was very rewarding. With her guidance I gained a fresh perspective on what motivates me, and also what holds me back. Mary Ann instinctively knew when to push me to do more than I thought I was capable of achieving. She appreciated me for the successes I achieved and the obstacles I overcame. Through these experiences I learned more about the small but significant changes I could make to my habits to be a better, more authentic leader. I continue to practice what I learned both at work and at home every day.”

— John C. Crespo, Deputy General Counsel-Regulatory & Nuclear
American Electric Power

“Working with Mary Ann has been an absolute pleasure. My time spent with Mary Ann helped me to realize that I was setting myself up for failure every single day. After my work with Mary Ann, I am more efficient and productive, have started to delegate more and actually work less hours and spend more time with friends and family.  I am more confident, and feel successful, more energetic and more positive about my life.”

— Amy Null, MBA, MT(ASCP), SBB, System Director
Laboratory Services, Mount Carmel Health System

“Mary Ann assisted me in developing my team and increasing my confidence as a leader, and she provided valuable tips to assist me in my interactions with my supervisor and my colleagues. A true professional - she always came prepared to our sessions and had phenomenal insight into human behavior. Her focus is on helping clients understand their own communication style and its impact on others. I especially appreciated Mary Ann’s attention to work and life balance. She pushed me even when I resisted in a caring and compassionate way.”

— Gail Capel Stephenoff, Director, Analysis and Reporting, The Ohio State University

“It is a pleasure to work with Mary Ann. She has helped me to focus on the right stuff and align my personal values with our business future. She always does what she says she will do and just as important holds me accountable to do the same. If you want to grow personally and professionally I highly recommend that you engage her. You will be glad you did.”

— Dan W. Harris, CLU, ChFc, Senior Managing Partner, Premier Planning Group

“Mary Ann is so insightful and has really helped me to gain another perspective on so many aspects of my life, my career, and my style. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have you as my coach.”

“This has helped me be a better leader at work, a better team member and have better balance at home.”

“We are more effective at addressing concerns head on. We have deeper, trusting relationships that help us get through difficult times more productively.”

— Jennifer Dean, Vice President, Nationwide Insurance

“I cannot thank you enough for your partnership with respect to our team's progress! You have been an amazing coach and partner throughout this journey.”

“It’s been a journey of intense personal development and team growth. I would highly recommend it!

We, as a team have achieved excellent results - driving business and launching a new campaign.”

“Our engagement scores improved. We “show up” better, our work is of high quality.”

— Jennifer M. Hanley, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing/Nationwide Insurance

“I’m a more effective and confident leader, and I am teaching others what I learned. I see them being more effective team members/leaders.”

“We have a higher level of commitment and productivity from a team while having more fun. The value of this coaching program is that we now trust each other. We can have open minded and sometime difficult conversations. We are collaborating sooner and deeper.”

— Sue McManus, VP, Nationwide Insurance

“I don’t judge people like I used to.”

“We have more trust, collaboration, structure and respect. By working together, we are more satisfied and have less stress. By being satisfied, we can accomplish more. By accomplishing more, we will better meet our strategic objectives. Awesome program. I wish it wouldn’t end.”

— Dennis Giglio, VP, Nationwide Insurance

“I gained a better understanding of the needs of my peers…”

“We have more enjoyment from work and trust knowing that we support each other to work together. Our level of trust and interaction has reached a level that helps drive positive change.”

— Mark Hara, VP, Nationwide Insurance

“I feel the most valuable thing I am taking away is a great example of how to approach team and personnel development.”

“I think the team is closer than it’s ever been, and it doesn’t surprise me that our collective work has translated into a successful new campaign. Where the team is now is positioning us for long-term success.”

— Brad Barnett, AVP, Nationwide Insurance

“Thank you so much for your all of your help last year. It provided a lot of clarity and gave me a vision to be proactive and come up with a plan.”

— Rick Schaupp, Portfolio Manager, Global Finance Company

“I don't think I would be where I am today without Mary Ann’s help. I used to feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by small projects and didn’t seem to accomplish anything, but with Mary Ann’s help, my life is now under control. With her guidance, I now understand my life's true goals and am on the path to a better quality of living. Her method of coaching helped me reach one of my largest goals of exiting my business with ease, while reaching my ‘happy place.’ I now feel that I have reached that place and am so thankful for Mary Ann’s coaching.”

— Richard Stern, P.E., Partner, Stern & Associates, Inc.

“I am so happy to be working with Mary Ann. Our meetings are excellent and the last one was our best yet! Mary Ann is terrific to work with. I highly value her positive contributions to my personal life and to the company as a whole.”

— Paul Wolman, CEO, Feats, Inc.

"Who would not consider becoming part of something this powerful! My experience with Mary Ann Masur and her ability to facilitate a mastermind group based on the same principles of Napoleon Hill’s definition brought me to discover my true values. I am a better leader as a result of this enriching experience. My vitality, energy and overall enthusiasm for what I do daily is contagious among my peers, employees and customers. This brings the results to the bottom line. Consider being part of something bigger than yourself. Thank you, Mary Ann!"

— Stanley Stokes, President, K.C. Company, Inc.

“The time that I’ve spent working with Mary Ann has been very beneficial to me. She has helped me focus my efforts and clarify my ‘vision’ for my family, finances, and law practice. I have a much stronger feel for where I am going and I know how to get there. I am grateful and I highly recommend her services.“

— Ann Goodman, Esquire, Partner, Parker, Counts & Melton, LLP

"Working with Mary Ann has been one of the best investments in my career. Her success at helping me achieve my goals demonstrates her strong capabilities as a coach and mentor."

— Anne London, Financial Advisors, AXA Advisor

“Participating in Mary Ann’s Executive Mastermind for the past two years has been life changing for me. Not only have I formed incredible relationships with people that I trust and respect, I have been able to get laser focused on my life’s purpose and gained clarity around what’s really important in life. Our mastermind group session is probably the most productive two hours of the month due in large part to Mary Ann’s talents as a facilitator, coach and mentor. Joining her program is well worth the investment.”

— Tracy Imm, Global Communications Director, Algeco Scotsman

“After beginning my coaching sessions with Mary Ann in November, our numbers jumped from $8,000 to $17,000 in one month! In December, we then reached an impressive $19,000 and our January numbers revealed another jump to $21,000! Mary Ann taught me how to ‘be’ with my people and my clients, how to have fun, and how to really look at the potential relationships I can build with this business. She taught me that it's not all about money: it's about listening and caring. My confidence has skyrocketed and I’ve learned to not take everything personally. I now have many ‘light bulb’ moments.”

— Rachel Thompson, Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

“Whenever I talk to Mary Ann, she has a way of getting me to focus on the bigger issues. She keeps me on track. She makes sure I stay accountable and follow through on the ideas that we come up with together. I feel that the company is much more focused on ways to save money, use current assets in positive ways, and grow successfully in the future. She always seems to know the right questions to ask to get you to think differently.”

— Cathy London, Developer, Affordable Properties, Inc.

“Plain and simple: Synergy Consultants means IMPACT! I began working with Mary Ann last July and in only six short months, my business has grown over $65,000. Her coaching strengths and focus-driven discussions have directly impacted the explosive growth in my business and have also fostered balance in my personal life. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone who wants to make big changes in their life and business to engage the services of Mary Ann! She is compassionate and strong and has a keen ability to direct with a strategic focus.”

— Laura Harry, Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

“’Tis a pleasure and a privilege to work with Mary Ann. Our company is truly an example of how her sessions can take an organization to its fullest potential by teaching strategic thinking and planning.”

— Chris Galligan, CFO, Emory Hill Real Estate Services

“Mary Ann has shown me ways to improve my business and personal lives that are simple and congruent with my expectations and abilities. Her observations are presented in a simple way and are thought provoking. She doesn’t tell you what to do, rather she helps you figure it out…I worry less and am much more effective in reaching my goals in business. Mary Ann has shown me how to be clear and effective on my own terms and in my own way…She has helped me be in ACTION rather than in REACTION.”

— Christina Porter, NAI Capital Commercial Real Estate

“I'm seeing myself in a different light and am more confident in the things that I bring to the table. If I hadn't been working with Mary Ann, I would have gotten sidetracked.”

— Chris Schultz, Senior Software Systems Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation

“I am now a convert from a non-believer to a firm believer in Mary Ann’s coaching. She has helped me shape and grow my business and has erased my doubts. I’ve learned to take care of myself first and know that the business will come my way.”

— Jim Borst, Desert Pacific Advisors, LLC, Property Management and Real Estate

“Mary Ann has shown me how to be more firm and confident. My level of self-confidence has increased my energy and improved my personal presence around others. I feel great about my progress and I’m fortunate to have had this great coaching experience.”

— Steven Potts, Patterson Woods Commercial Brokerage

“The skills Mary Ann has taught me have allowed me to move ahead and realize my professional potential. I know how to discuss goals, what it will take to reach them, and am now able to create plans to successfully achieve them. Mary Ann knows how to help you evaluate your thought patterns to recognize what, if any, roadblocks may be stopping you from reaching your goals. She will help you create a mindset to move forward in accomplishing them.”

— Denise Ross, Real Estate Broker, Colliers International