Testimonials — Healthcare



“Mary Ann is an outstanding coach. She establishes trust and rapport with her clients and helps them identify and actualize improvement opportunities. She works well with both novice and experienced executives. I have seen significant improvements in the effectiveness and job satisfaction of our executives who have worked with her.”

— Kenneth S. Lewis, M.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer
Union Hospital

“I appreciate the support you have provided to both our residents and faculty. We have all benefited from the collaboration and your coaching skills. You have made a significant impact on all of our lives.”

— Lisa David, M.D., Professor and Residency Program Director
Wake Forest University

“I have a group of very high performing executives who have had great experiences and successes in this and, for a few, a different organization. With the many challenges facing healthcare today, I needed someone to help us to come together quickly as a team that respects each other’s capabilities, can support one another as needed and, most importantly, understand each other’s strengths and areas for improvement so we can carry each other’s “load”. Mary Ann was recommended to me by the President of my Foundation and by my prior Board Chair. Amazingly, in a two day retreat, we were able to meet most of my expectations and even created simple tools that now guide our interactions. We were successful because Mary Ann did a lot of pre-retreat work, understood my goals and was so prepared for the meetings that everything ran like clockwork. She is exceptional at her trade!”

— Bonnie Phipps, CEO
Saint Agnes Hospital

“Thanks so much for a great retreat! You were a great facilitator, and kept the pace, yet kept us on track. This was the best Executive Retreat we have been on together as a team. The personal stories were so effective, and really personalized the experience. I loved all of the experiential activities. They made the point we were trying to achieve, in short time frames, and kept things moving at all times. I did not notice anyone becoming disengaged during the entire time-which is a great compliment to your facilitation skills.

Feedback from all the team members has been very positive, and everyone was feeling much closer after our time together. The timing on this was perfect.”

— James E. Bobbitt, Vice President Human Resources
Saint Agnes Hospital

“The more I think about our time together, the more positive I am about what we accomplished. If I were a new CEO to an organization, I would contact you soon after for assistance with my team.”

— Patrick F. Mutch, Executive Vice President, Physician and Strategic Services
Saint Agnes Hospital

“Mary Ann is a great problem solver and she lets me work through things. If it weren’t for her help, I would be discombobulated and wouldn’t be able to keep up!”

— Ingrid Allard, M.D., Associate Dean, Community Outreach and Medical Education
Albany Medical College

“Mary Ann’s coaching has truly resulted in some fairly rapid progress in our division of pediatric anesthesia…Coaching with Mary Ann has been an eye-opening experience. Her direct feedback and assessment tools have changed the way my team and I work together. I am more proactive, feel less stressed and more energized, and have more balance in my life now. I also have greater clarity and can more easily focus on the team’s priorities and vision. My team is more engaged and we are moving our initiatives forward. This has been a unique educational opportunity.”

— Gary Haynes, M.D., Former Dept. Chair of Anesthesiology, St. Louis University Medical Center

“Mary Ann has helped us immensely in improving our communication skills between both individuals as well as different levels of the organization. She has reminded us of our organization’s integrity and our core values are reflected in our work. We cannot thank Mary Ann enough for her suggestions and dedication."

— Adrian E. Long, M.D., Executive Vice President/CMO, St. Agnes HealthCare

“Mary Ann’s wonderful tips, encouragement, professionalism, and expertise have helped me so very much.”

— Julie Niezgoda, M.D., Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Cleveland Clinic

“Mary Ann has inspired me to be a better person, enjoy life, and accept things for what or who they are. She has taught me to be more open-minded and to accept things for what they are… I always walk around with a smile. I feel like I can even take more on, especially at home. I have more time to do more and I don’t even feel overwhelmed! I have a newfound energy that has allowed me to enjoy life…In my professional life, I have become a better communicator and I ask for what I need… I learned that I don’t have to be perfect…My leadership has grown, and as a result, I feel more connected with my staff. Mary Ann is an outstanding teacher, leader, and mentor. She has made me a better me...She gave me the opportunity to start my life again. I am a new person. I laugh more. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I live in the moment. I have accepted me for me.”

— Rosemary McCullar, Operators Manager, Anesthesia Assessment Center,
MD Anderson Cancer Center

“It is difficult to fully capture my gratitude for Mary Ann’s consultative services. She was brought in at a time of critical HR and motivational unrest in our pain department and helped our team come together to work toward a common vision. Our current success is a credit to her talent and persistence! I look forward to our ongoing ‘touch up’ sessions and a life full of learning based on the leadership principles she has brought me and our group.”

— Allen W. Burton, M.D., Former Professor and Section Chief, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Our departmental training sessions with Mary Ann have given us intangible and priceless tools and methods that are vital to our success. Mary Ann was not only inspirational, but also instrumental in transforming the mentality and approach of the team as a whole. We continue to reap the benefits of her work, as we emerge stronger, more interpersonal, and more in tune with our dynamic institution’s needs…Mary Ann empowered each team member to become aware of his responsibility to the success of the group…Through fun and engaging activities, Mary Ann helped us to work through dysfunction and negativity, recognize team toxins, and move forward to build a positive, open environment. Eye-opening sessions put our team on the track to productivity, positivity, accountability, and open, honest communication. Mary Ann is engaging, energetic, positive and quite knowledgeable. Her expertise and gifted coaching put our department on the road to greatness!”

— Marian LeDieux, Nurse Manager, Anesthesia Assessment and Pain Management Clinic,
MD Anderson Cancer Center

“I have had an invaluable experience with Mary Ann. I have already achieved significant professional and personal goals as a direct result of our training. The techniques and strategies acquired through working with Mary Ann can be applied in any aspect of my life and will surely be met with success, whether in a professional, personal, or social environment. This training would benefit anyone and everyone willing to practice her techniques…I have benefited so much from the work we have put in together and I look forward to using all of these tools to really design a good partnership at work.”

— Chris Kirman, M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

"Mary Ann was able to help me focus on important aspects of my professional development with her insight and helpful suggestions. She is a very enthusiastic speaker and highly engaging, as she assigned fun tasks to complete and shared interesting stories to illustrate her point. This was one of my most memorable experiences.”

— Tsveti Markova, M.D., FAAFP, Associate Professor, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and GME WSU/ Crittenton Family Medicine Residency Program Director, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Wayne State University

"Mary Ann taught us how to successfully introduce fresh business initiatives to a traditional workplace. She has the rare ability to relate to every group member and she managed the team with grace and finesse, even when tension was present. Mary Ann created an environment in which group members felt safe to freely discuss concerns and issues."

— Deborah L. Kennedy, Former Principal, and Terri Weller, Principal, Chesapeake Medical Staffing

"I was able to immediately implement a number of the helpful tips that Mary Ann gave me. Her teaching has proven to be quite useful!”

— Melinda Edmondson, Special Events Coordinator, Seton Hays Foundation
Seton Family of Hospital

"We are so thankful for Mary Ann’s special talents. I know that my entire team will make good use of her valuable tips.”

— Heather Beck, Development Officer, Providence Foundation

"Mary Ann’s sessions are fun and stimulating and she is a wonderful presenter. Her book is extremely enjoyable, as well!"

— David E. Guyer, CFRE, Vice President, Development Providence Healthcare Network; Executive Director, Providence Foundation