Testimonials — Workshops



“Thank you so much for your engaging presentation. I personally took many notes during your presentation that I will refer to often. Thank you for spending your time at our WPSA Forum. It was a special day due to your presence.”

— Mary R. Rensel, MD, ABIHM, President
Woman’s Professional Staff Association

“Thank you for a great presentation. I have seen many presentations on how to reduce stress and live a better. You offered some novel approaches that didn't make me spend a lot of time learning how to save time.”

— Toni Thompson, MA, OTR/L, C/NDT, Occupational Therapy
Living Life To Its Fullest

“Thanks for a great WOW presentation – the ladies really enjoyed you and your topic. Your energy and style are so natural and genuine!!”

— Carla Porcaro Powers, Vice President
Client Services, Tampa Bay Trust Company

“Thanks so much for a great retreat! You were a great facilitator, and kept the pace, yet kept us on track. This was the best Executive Retreat we have been on together as a team. The personal stories were so effective, and really personalized the experience. I loved all of the experiential activities. They made the point we were trying to achieve, in short time frames, and kept things moving at all times. I did not notice anyone becoming disengaged during the entire time-which is a great compliment to your facilitation skills.

Feedback from all the team members has been very positive, and everyone was feeling much closer after our time together. The timing on this was perfect.”

— James E. Bobbitt, Vice President Human Resources,
Saint Agnes Hospital

I really enjoyed your presentation. You have a way of speaking that draws people in and you got a great amount of participation from the audience…much more than any other presentation I have seen recently.

— Jamie Dierking, Regional Manager of Communications
Public Information Officer, American Red Cross of Greater Kansas City

Mary Ann Singer understood what I wanted to get out of my team’s advance and created an effective agenda with great exercises that had everyone participating. Creating a team agreement, purpose and actions together has been extremely valuable for enhancing team dynamics.  We now have a strong base to have the team build on and increase collaboration. I strongly recommend Mary Ann for her team building and facilitation skills to improve team performance.”

— Malinda B. Small, President, Saint Agnes Hospital Foundation

“Mary Ann is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, and she engages the audience throughout her presentations by incorporating interactive activities. Mary Ann exudes professionalism offstage, and is customer-focused. It has been a pleasure to get to know Mary Ann over the past few years.”

— Elizabeth Coakley, M.A., Director, Women in Medicine and Science
Association of American Medical Colleges

“I had the distinct pleasure of attending Mary Ann’s session on effective communication at the AAMC Mid Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar. The strategies and skills she outlined were comprehensive and relevant to communicating in business as well as medicine. She understands healthcare and academic medical environments. Mary Ann’s authentic presentation style is understandable and clear; she held the attention of audience members with various backgrounds. I hope to work more closely with her in the future; whether in front of a large group or just one-on-one, Mary Ann is able to demonstrate the skills she promotes.”

— Sumita Khatri, M.D., Co-Director Asthma Center, Case Western

“Mary Ann met—if not exceeded—our expectations. Her seminar will definitely give us better insight into the way our team functions. It will help our team maximize its potential!”

— W. Duncan Patterson, President, Patterson Woods Commercial Properties

“Mary Ann’s warm and welcoming presentation style facilitated valuable interaction with the attendees. Her listening skills demonstrated her quick flexibility to personalize remarks when addressing the specific experiences and challenges of the audience. I was so excited by the concepts she presented that I immediately drafted action plans for two organizations as a result of contemplating issues from the perspective which she presented.”

— Karen M. Singer, General Counsel, Corporate Office Properties Trust

“Her program added a level of professionalism to our Leadership Courses. Many of our attendees said that Mary Ann was exactly what they needed.”

— Matt Child, PE, Director of Engineering Services, American Concrete Pipe Association

"Recently, Mary Ann developed and delivered a seminar for our annual conference. Her unique skill set allowed her to tailor the course specifically to our members. Mary Ann's comprehensive approach to the course content and her delivery style were very well received by the course participants; she was one of the highest-rated instructors we had at the event. We look forward to having Mary Ann facilitate another course in the near future!"

— Kathy Shelton, Educational Program Manager, National Precast Concrete Association

“Mary Ann gave a wonderful presentation at our recent retreat. We really enjoyed the day and our attendees learned about themselves and their co-workers. I believe that her enthusiasm and style were vital to the retreat’s success.”

— Charles G. Woods, Principal, Patterson-Woods & Associates, LLC

“Mary Ann packaged an excellent workshop that was informative and direct. All participants took away very useful information. She was easy to understand, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and in-tune with the group.”

— Rosemary Horstman, Director of Property Management, Catholic Charities of Maryland

“I had the pleasure of personally attending Mary Ann’s workshop. I walked away with a new and refreshed perspective and some great ideas on managing my time at the office and in my personal life.”

— Joseph P. Burns, President and CEO, Healthcare Council

“Every one of our employees came away from Mary Ann’s training sessions filled with enthusiasm and new ideas, from which several new committees have been formed. We now have a "Spirit Committee" whose goal is to keep that new enthusiasm alive!”

— Carmen J. Facciolo, Jr., Partner, NAI Emory Hill

“Her background in business coaching provided a unique skill set that allowed her to tailor the course specifically to our members. She was one of the highest rated instructors we had at our event.”

— Kathy Shelton, Educational Program Manager National Precast Concrete Assocation